Purutuli LLC started pellet production in the end of 2010. In 2013 Purutuli group was formed together with subsidary Ardor LLC and affiliated company Warmeston LLC. 

In 2014 the Purutuli produced in its Sauga plant 119 000 tonnes of pellets. The same year Ardor's plant in Sõmeru and Warmeston's plant in Järvere produced 35 000 t and 43 000 t respectively. 

By 2016 Purutuli group had increased its annual production capacity to 430 000 tonnes. This was achieved mainly due to the expansion of Sauga plant, reaching the design capacity of the factories and the construction of Warmeston's second pellet plant in Purila. 

The total sales of Purutuli was 20 million euros in 2015.

Purutuli LLC holds both the creation and preservation of client relationship in high regard. Purutuli
 is determined to assure consistency in quality, observance of delivery schedule, shipment volumes and to be flexible to clients' requests. With this strategic positioning Purutuli has established long term client relationships which have made possible the growth to today's level - Purutuli LLC is one of the largest biomass producers in the Baltics.

Our aim is to produce and deliver to our clients high-quality environmentally friendly products, as well as contribute to the reduction of waste and preservation of the environment.

Purutuli is an ENplus certified pellet producer (A1 and A2 quality classes) and holds also FSC® and SBP® chain of custody certificates

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